Tesla China teases mysterious announcement from its ‘Cybervault’ on April 3

Tesla China has revealed it will be making a special announcement on April 3 through a mysterious post on social media. The post doesn’t provide much information leading to a lot of speculation online about what will be revealed in three days.

The announcement was shared on the company’s Weibo channel, and contained a single image with the text “Who is the protagonist this time?”, followed by the word ‘Cybervault’ in the signature Cybertruck font.

Below that is what appears to be the aforementioned Cybervault covered in black fabric, and the text “special form, super power-up” according to a translation of the text by Yandex.

The big question that has everyone guessing is what is inside the Cybervault? Tesla owners in China are speculating it could be a V4 Supercharger and that they are coming to China. Tesla does have its own Supercharger factory in Shanghai, and it is possible that it could now be producing the latest V4 Superchargers for the Chinese market, however this possibility seems unlikely considering the heavy hint of it being something Cybertruck related.

Other rumours being circulated are that Tesla will unveil a new Powerwall or a new Wall Connector, both which would have a Cybertruck-inspired design. Tesla did recently reveal a first glimpse of its upcoming wireless home charging system, so it could be that as well.

One final possibility is something much bigger than what could fit in a vault – a Megapack factory. Tesla recently published a Tesla Energy job posting in China, and crews have been working to clear an area next to Giga Shanghai that is speculated to be the site of a Megafactory. Elon Musk is also rumoured to be visiting China next week, which would lend credence to a major announcement coming next week.

Whatever it is we’re hoping if it’s a product it isn’t something unique to the Chinese market and that it makes its way to North America as well.

What do you think is inside the Cybervault? Let us know in the comments below.

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