Tesla China smashes monthly sales record with over 56K cars sold in September 2021 [Update]

Tesla Beijing
Credit: @JayinShanghai | Twitter

After a few months of seemingly low retail sales in China, Tesla analysts were loudly proclaiming demand for the electric vehicles were already declining in the world’s biggest automotive market.

Those critics will have to come up with a new line after Tesla China reported their monthly figures for September, and in the process set a new record domestic sales record.

According to initial figures from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla sold a total of 52,153 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in China last month.

UPDATE: According to an estimate from 42HOW, the Model Y accounted for 33,003 sales, with the Model 3 making up the remaining 19,150 units.

Giga Shanghai was also able to contribute another 3,853 vehicles that were destined for export, giving a monthly wholesale total of 56,006 vehicles.

The domestic sales figures sets a new watermark for Tesla, breaking the previous mark of 44,264 vehicles achieved the month prior. The difference in that month was the majority of those cars were for export (31,379).

Elon Musk explains Giga Shanghai production cycles as Chinese DMVs flooded with new registrations in September

The Tesla China sales figure for September is exactly the amount that was rumoured. On September 1 Tesla China Analyst said on Twitter the automaker had sold 52k vehicles in the 30-day period.

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