Tesla rumoured to have sold 52,000 vehicles in China in September

Tesla critics love to point to the automaker’s recent sales figures in China to prove their bear thesis that demand for the electric vehicles (EVs) in the country is running dry.

This is despite the fact that CEO Elon Musk recently explained Giga Shanghai’s production cycles and how the factory caters to exports in the first half of a quarter, before focusing on the domestic market in the second half.

It looks like the critics won’t have much to talk about next month if the latest rumour coming out of China is accurate.

According to tesla china analyst on Twitter, the automaker sold 52,000 vehicles in September. This number does not include exports, and is representative of the number of cars handed over to customers in China.

If true this would smash the previous domestic delivery record of 35,478 vehicles in March 2021. It would also be a significant increase from August when Tesla sold 12,885 cars in China (because most of the production was exported).

If you have been keeping an eye on China all signs have been pointing to an extremely strong September sales figure. Photos and videos shared from DMVs around the country have showed long lineups of new Tesla vehicles waiting to be registered.

Drone flyovers of Giga Shanghai have also shown holding lots packed with cars being loaded onto carriers for delivery.

While this is just a rumour for now, the Twitter user has provided reliable information in the past. We will have to wait until likely early next week to get the official numbers from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).


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