Tesla obtains production license for Gigafactory 3 Shanghai, production will begin soon

In recent weeks we have learnt that Tesla’s new Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai was complete and had begun trial production of Model 3’s while it awaited its official manufacturing license from the Chinese government.

That day has finally arrived, as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has updated their list of approved vehicle manufacturers to include Tesla, according to a report from Electrek. This means that there are no longer any obstacles for Tesla to begin producing made-in-China Model 3’s for the largest EV market in the world.

Made in Chine Model 3

Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 has been built in a record-setting time. What was just a mud field earlier this year is now a factory of nearly 10 million square feet. Last week we saw some early production Model 3’s out of the new factory, and the quality was superb.

Now that production license has been issued, the only remaining obstacle is obtaining the license to sell the Model 3 in China, something that is expected to be a formality and should happen soon.

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