Tesla increases vehicle pricing in Canada and the US again

Tesla adjusted their prices yet again, increasing prices across almost their entire lineup in North America on Thursday night. In Canada the Model S and Model X saw some substantial price increases, while prices in the US for the Model S, Model X, and Model Y were all increased by lesser amount, with the Model 3 being the lone standout seeing no price changes on any variant.

Canadian Price Increases

The back and forth with Model S and Model X prices continues. Last month the automaker dropped prices by $6,000 for the Model S and as much as $13,000 for the Model X. On Thursday those prices came back up by $5,000 for both vehicles and all variants.

For the Model S, the Dual Motor variant went up from $116,990 to $121,990, while the Plaid increased from $143,990 to $148,990. Meanwhile the Dual Motor Model X went from $130,990 to $135,990, and the Plaid increased from $143,990 to $148,990.

USA Price Increases

South of the border the price increases were less substantial. For the Model S and Model X all variants increased in price by $1,000. With the price increase however, Tesla is offering lower financing rates, which according to a message on the Design Studio can be as low as 3.99%.

The price increases were even less for the Model Y. All three variants, the base Model Y AWD, Model Y Long Range, and Model Y Performance are now $250 more expensive, matching a similar price increase last month.

Here is a full breakdown of the new prices in the US.

Model S
AWD – $88,490
Plaid – $108,490

Model 3
– no changes

Model X
AWD – $98,490
Plaid – $108,490

Model Y
AWD – $47,490
AWD LR – $50,490
Performance – $54,990

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