Tesla applies for ‘ultra-hard steel’ patent for the Cybertruck

Tesla has applied for a patent on the new material it is using to build the upcoming Cybertruck. The company seeks a patent on the ultra-hard steel alloy.

The Cybertruck is not only distinct for its look but also for the exoskeleton and “ultra-hard” steel used for the body. It is the same material SpaceX, another company controlled by CEO Elon Musk, uses to build its next-generation spaceship, Starship.

Tesla now wants to own a patent on the steel alloy that it developed in-house.

The patent application is titled “Ultra-Hard Cold-Worked Steel Alloy.” Tesla explains how the material is used in a vehicle: (via Electrek)

“In some embodiments, at least one exterior panel and/or body of the vehicle comprises the steel alloy. In some embodiments, the vehicle architecture is designed such that the exterior panels of the vehicle also contribute to the vehicle’s structural performance, wherein such exterior paneling of a vehicle may be referred to as an “exoskeleton.” In some embodiments, the exterior panel is or is formed from a monolithic metal sheet of the steel alloy. In some embodiments, the corrosion resistance of the monolithic metal sheet allows for the exterior panel of the vehicle to be utilized without application of an anticorrosion coating or corrosion protective agent (e.g. paint). In some embodiments, an exterior surface of the exterior panel does not comprise paint.”

Tesla ultra hard steel patent application

There is no official information on who will produce the new steel for Tesla. However, Steel Dynamics, which operates a new steel-making plant close to Tesla’s facility in Texas, has been rumored to have a contract with the EV makers already.

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