Tesla app outage fixed, but it had some unintended consequences for FSD Beta hopefuls

Tesla owners around the world were unable to access their cars through the mobile app yesterday due to a server outage. The outage began early in the day, and was fixed by around 6:00pm PST Friday evening.

Elon Musk announced on Twitter at 1:24pm PST that they were looking in to the issue, and later explained the outage was caused by Tesla accidentally increasing the verbosity of network traffic.

While for most Tesla owners it meant a few hours without being able to preheat their car, there was at least one unintended consequence for those trying to improve their Safety Score to 98 in to receive FSD Beta v10.5.

According to multiple owners, any drives that took place during the outage were not logged and did not count towards the score. Depending on if you had a good drive or bad, this might be a positive or a negative.

The issue was reported by Teslascope, and confirmed by multiple owners in the replies.


Contrary to numerous mainstream media headlines, owners were not locked out of their car or unable to start them during the outage.

Your phone’s Bluetooth connection still allowed you to do both, and that’s not to mention the key card or key fob were still functional as well.

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