Tesla Annual Shareholder meeting delayed, likely to be combined with Battery Day

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on gatherings of large groups in California, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced the delay of the Annual Shareholder Meeting.

Originally scheduled for July 7, 2020, Musk did not set a new date for the meeting, but said it would likely take place at least one month later.

In following up to replies to his announcement, Musk also revealed the shareholder meeting will likely be combined with the highly-anticipated (and much-delayed) Battery Day, with a date announced in early to mid July.

With recent announcements of new deals with Panasonic around battery supply, Glencore for cobalt supply, and the recent approval to sell LFP batteries in China which could extend range and lower cost to a point where EVs would gain price parity (or better) with the gas vehicle counterparts, Battery Day could be a groundbreaking event for the automaker.

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