Tesla and Hertz negotiating on delivery timeline for 100,000 vehicles

Hertz announced last week they had placed “an initial order of 100,000 Teslas by the end of 2022”. Despite the massive order, Elon Musk said Hertz would pay the same for each car as a regular consumer would.

Musk later said the two companies had not yet signed a contract, and now they are reportedly in discussions over how quickly the vehicles can be delivered.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Tesla officials were surprised by the announcement that all 100,000 would be delivered by the end of next year.

A person familiar with the matter said Tesla was expecting to deliver approximately 10,000 vehicles per year.

Despite the apparent miscommunication, Tesla is still expected to delivery the full order, it is just a matter of working out the timing of those deliveries.

Even without a contract in place, Hertz said earlier this week they had already started receiving some Model 3s, and demand for the electric vehicles has already been strong.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

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