Blue Origin loses lawsuit over NASA Human Landing System contract with SpaceX

The US Court of Federal Appeals ruled against Blue Origin in the company’s case versus NASA over the SpaceX Human Landing System contract. Federal Judge Richard Hertling sided with the defense.

The lawsuit surrounded NASA’s awarding of the contract to SpaceX. According to a redacted version of the suit, Blue Origin’s complaint focused on proving NASA wrongly awarded the lunar lander contract.

Furthermore, Blue Origin alleged that the space administration ‘disregarded key flight safety requirements’ during the process.

The court’s opinion is currently sealed. However, the court instructed the parties to deliver proposed redactions so that they could publicly release the opinion on November 18.

SpaceX halted work on the Human Landing System contract during the lawsuit but will resume work on Monday.

Blue Origin, NASA, nor SpaceX have commented on the ruling.

However, Elon Musk did provide a comment of some sort on Twitter. He responded to a tweet from a CNBC reporter on the ruling with a meme from the 1995 movie ‘Judge Dredd’.

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