Tesla Cybertruck heads to New Zealand for winter testing

Tesla recently shared an image of the Cybertruck sliding through the snow for some winter testing. While that photo was undated and the location is unknown (but most likely at Tesla’s winter testing grounds in Alaska), Tesla is apparently conducting some additional winter testing on the other side of the world as a Cybertruck was recently spotted being offloaded from a cargo plane in New Zealand.

Footage of the Cybertruck coming off the plane was shared on the CybertruckOwnersClub forum, and although the video is only 2 seconds long and the electric truck is under a cover, the unusual design makes it almost impossible to disguise.

You might be wondering why Tesla would send the Cybertruck to New Zealand for winter testing, but this is not the first time the company has done this with their vehicles. Aside from the fact that it is clearly not winter anymore in North America, there is also the fact that New Zealand is home to the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds, where it just so happens to be their prime winter testing period.

According to the website, this location provides ideal winter testing between June and September, so with the Cybertruck arriving now Tesla will be able to get up to 3+ months of winter testing under their belts before the Cybertruck is released in North America.

That release date, according to the most recent update from CEO Elon Musk, should be towards the end the third quarter, which just so happens to be the end of September. This sighting in New Zealand, along with the camouflaged Cybertruck seen last week visiting an In-N-Out drive-thru in California, which Musk said was “a tradition,” are both very good signs that Tesla is on track to meet that deadline.

You can watch a video showcasing the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds below.

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