Tesla already retrofitting cars with missing USB ports

usb retrofit
Credit: @omacs /Twitter

Last week new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners were noticing their cars were missing USB ports in the center console.

After discovering the empty ports, Tesla employees were blaming it on a parts shortage, and that they would be added to the car once they are restocked, likely in mid-December.

That estimate appears to have been a little conservative, as the automaker has already started retrofitting cars with the missing USB ports.

A new owner with a one-week old Model 3 Long Range (LR) shared photos on Reddit showing his center console removed for the install. As expected, the owner noted that the job was done free of charge.

Another Model 3 owner in Santa Cruz, California also reported over the weekend that he received the missing USB ports, and shared similar pictures of the install on Twitter.

As noted by @omacs, if you are in a similar situation and without USB ports, you need to scheduled a service appointment to receive the retrofit. You will then be contacted by Tesla Service when the parts are available in your area.

While it is disappointing Tesla was delivering cars with missing parts, they are not the only automaker suffering from supply chain issues. Others are delivering cars without heated seats or even touchscreen functionality.

Many of those automakers are offering one-time credits as the parts will never be installed. Tesla however has followed through in one week and given owners full functionality.

It’s not just Tesla – other automakers shipping cars without heated seats, touchscreen functionality and more

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