New Tesla Model 3 and Model Ys being delivered without USB-C ports due to parts shortage

If you are scheduled to take delivery of a new Tesla Model 3 or Model Y soon, you might want to check your center console before driving away.

Several owners over the last few days have reported their new cars are being delivered without the USB-C ports installed.

Making the problem worse, some of the customers weren’t told about the missing parts and only discovered it by noticing their wireless charging pads weren’t working.

A Reddit user by the name of u/Calligrapher4617 was one of those customers. Upon contacting customer support after noticing the missing ports, he was told they were not included during production due to a parts shortage.

missing usb-c Credit: u/CalligrapherNo4617 /Reddit

According to the support agent, the parts are supposed to arrive in mid-December, at which time Tesla will begin adding them into the cars that were delivered without them.

Even though the ports were missing in the center console, the user reported the USB-C ports for the rear passengers was still there. The USB-A port in the glovebox was also present.

The missing parts should not come as a huge surprise given the global supply chain issues that have plagued Tesla and all other automakers this year.

But Tesla should be communicating it to customers, and not letting them find out by going to plug something in only to find it’s not there.

Are you missing the USB-C ports in your new car? Let us know in the comments below.

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