Tesla mobile app update v4.5.0 adds Apple Wallet Insurance Card integration and more

Tesla released another update to their mobile app on the iOS App Store last night, version 4.5.0, adding one new feature for Tesla Insurance policy holders.

There are also a number of other features that are still being worked on behind the scenes and will be released in a future update.

Tesla Insurance and Apple Wallet

Tesla owners in five states can now add their Tesla Insurance policy information to their Apple Wallet. This was the only change noted in the release notes, with Twitter user @coffeetabletesla showing us what the new Apple Wallet card looks like once added.

Setting Vehicle Name

Based on a decompile of the source code by Tesla App Updates (@Tesla_App_iOS) on Twitter, soon you will no longer have to be in the car to rename your vehicle.


Help & Contact Us Support

There has also been some new code added that allows users to access help topics directly within the app.

According to Not A Tesla App, this feature is accessible by tapping on your profile, scrolling down and tapping on Help.

If you can’t find the answers you are looking for you, can now also contact Tesla directly through the app. To make it easier, you can also associate your question with any vehicles in your account.

This feature can be accessed by tapping on Help, and then Need More Help at the bottom.

It appears these features may be limited as we were not able to find this section in our app in Canada.

Vehicle Warranty Information

Another new feature still being worked on is the ability to see your vehicle’s warranty information from within the app.


Other Updates

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