Tesla adds second shift at Giga Shanghai, localization rate tops 95%

Tesla has been able to add a second production shift at Giga Shanghai and with it been able to resume production output to pre-epidemic levels.

Giga Shanghai was shut down for 22 days from March 28 to April 19 due to a surge in COVID-19 cases and subsequent lockdowns in China. The factory had been operating on a single 12 hour shift since with around 8,000 employees since it reopened.

According to a report by the local publication Yicai, Tesla added the second shift on May 23, and is still operating under a closed loop system approved by local authorities.

Along with the addition of the second shift, the report states Tesla is no longer facing logistics and supplier issues, which is part of the reason they had to push back plans to add the second shift in mid-May.

The report also states that after a little over two years of operation, Giga Shanghai now sources about 95% of its parts from local companies. The automaker’s localization rate was 90% at the end of 2021.

With a second shift and stable supply chain, Tesla is producing about 2,000 cars per day, the same it was before the shutdown.

That figure is expected to increase even further up to as many as 2,600 cars per day soon thanks to the recent $188 million production line optimization project.

Even though Giga Shanghai has only been operating on a single shift, workers have been able to build enough cars for four batches of exports to Europe and other markets.

The most recent export took place earlier this week where thousands of Model 3 and Model Y were loaded onto the Horizon Leader cargo ship at the Luchao Port just outside of Shanghai.

Tesla exports fourth batch of cars from Giga Shanghai since reopening

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