Tesla 2021.32.25 software update brings Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta to all (safe) owners in the US [Upate]

After a short delay, Tesla has begun deploying the 2021.32.25 software update on Sunday night, marking a significant moment for the automaker.

The update is the first time they have allowed owners outside of the limited beta testing program access to the software.

About one hour before the software was deployed, CEO Elon Musk said it would be coming at midnight. Within a few minutes of that target, the first owners with a perfect 100 Safety Score saw the update appear on their vehicle.


Along with the deployment, Tesla also sent an email to owners notifying them that there are no limitations to the program and no non-disclosure agreement (NDA), so they are free to share their experiences with the software.

The email did however remind them that FSD is still in beta and can do the worst thing at the worst time so they must always pay attention and keep their hands on the wheel.

This is a breaking story, stay tuned for updates, including the release notes when they are available…

UPDATE: It appears Tesla stuck to their deadline of having a perfect 100 Safety Score by Friday, even though the release was delayed until Sunday. Some owners who passed that threshold over the weekend do not appear to be receiving it at this time.

UPDATE 4: Elon Musk has confirmed it is being sent to owners with a 100 Safety Score earned over 100 cumulative miles of driving. However, it appears to be limited to Model 3/Y owners, as we have yet to receive a report of a Model S/X owner getting the update.

UPDATE 2: Here is a copy of the email from Tesla. An important change is that it came from a new ‘fsdbeta@tesla.com’ email, not the traditional early access email that has been used up to this point.

fsd email
Image via @shmuel_sokol /Twitter

UPDATE 3: Here are the official 2021.32.25 release notes, and despite Musk saying it would detail the changes in V10.2, it does not appear to be included.

release notes
Image via @Tony14387399 /Twitter
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