Hyundai driver parks in Tesla charging spot, freaks out when confronted [Video]

In Ontario, drivers can face a $125 fine for blocking electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The same rules apply to EVs that park in EV charging spots, but don’t plug in.

The new fines weren’t apparently enough to deter one woman from recently parking in a Tesla charging spot at Sherway Gardens in Toronto.

After being asked to move, the unidentified woman begins giving excuse after excuse as to why she is parked there, not taking any responsibility for her actions.

She justifies her parking in an EV charging spot by listing people in her family that have died or been involved in a recent accident.

“Why I am parking here is because I’m in the shade…I am waiting for someone who’s been in a bike accident…I personally may have chron’s disease…I have a friend who died of alzheimer’s…”

After security points out that there is signage indicating the spots are reserved for electric vehicles, the woman claims “I’m sorry, I can’t see, I can’t see, you need to make it bigger, bigger”.

The person taking the video, who we assume to be the person who first asked the woman to move, stays remarkably calm during the whole thing. He is even able to keep a straight face (we assume) as she claims he goes on grindr and shows off every part of his body because he has no self-respect.

Check out the full video below.

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