Tesla Tequila Decanter now available in Canada and the US

One of the hottest items in the Tesla shop is not a car but rather the Tesla Tequila. At least as per those who tried it, the excellent tasting tequila sells out quickly every time it comes into stock on the Tesla USA site.

However, sales to international locations and even some areas in the US are banned due to alcohol shipping laws.


Well, Tesla is not a company to take no for an answer, and earlier in March, the Tesla Tequila Decanter went on sale in Europe.

For us Canadians, the decanter just arrived! Coming in at $190, you can get have your very own Tesla Decanter. The decanter can hold up to 750 ML of your favourite spirit.

It is also available in the US for $150.

Each decanter is hand-blown, and no two are identical. The decanter also comes with a metal stand so you can show off your product.

It is not clear how many decanters are in stock in Canada, but it will be a hot item!  So, if you are looking for a great way to show off your favourite spirit and your love of Tesla, you better act fast.

Click here to buy yours now.

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