Survey shows British Columbia drivers want to switch to an EV, but range and charging anxiety remain the biggest hurdles

A recent survey showcases that the current state of affairs in British Columbia may lead to more BC drivers considering electric vehicles (EVs) as their next purchase.

According to work done by Research Co. and Glacier Media, the shift is moving quicker in BC than in other parts of the country.

  • 73% of British Columbians support the move to 100% zero-emission light-duty car and truck sales by 2040. This is an increase of 3% since last year.
  • 78% of 18-34 year old’s endorse this policy. While 69 per cent of those 55 and over support it.
  • 55% of those in Northern BC support this policy. While Metro Vancouver (76%), Fraser Valle (73%), Southern BC (72%), and Vancouver Island (70%) all overwhelmingly support the policy.
  • 59% of those who own their vehicle will very likely or moderately likely buy an EV for their next vehicle.
  • 59% of respondents also say that EVs are too expensive compared to non-electric options.

In terms of drawbacks

  • 54% fear being stranded and would not be able to find a charging point, while 50% worry about not having enough charging spots in the areas they drive.

The survey also found that another major drawback is a lack of adequate charging facilities at home. More than two in five drivers (44%) say they are less likely to buy an electric vehicle if they do not have a place to charge it where they live.

At least to say, it is evident that charging infrastructure and the cost of EVs will be the most significant hurdle for BC drivers to make the switch.

This is especially a problem in Northern BC compared to the rest of the province.

Three new BC Hydro fast-chargers opening in Northwest BC

Source: Times Colonist

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