Stellantis unveils next EV platform, the STLA Medium

Stellantis has unveiled its latest EV platform, the STLA Medium platform.

The STLA Medium is designed for sedans, crossovers and SUVs and will be used in North America and Europe. It was also unveiled that the platform will support a standard and performance battery pack. The standard pack will deliver a range more than 310 miles (500 km), while the performance pack range will be more than 435 miles (700 km). As well the platform is built on 400-volt architecture.

The STLA platform will underpin the C and D segments for the North American and European markets. The C and D segments represent nearly half of the global auto sales for the brand, with 26 vehicles in the segments in 2022.

The first vehicle to use the platform will be the Peugeot 3008 in Europe. However, the platform will also make its way to Chrysler, Jeep and other Stellantis brands. Stellantis did not confirm the first North American vehicle on the STLA Medium, but analysts believe it will either be a Jeep or Chrysler.

This is the second platform Stellantis has launched. The STLA Frame debuts on the Ram 1500 REV, which will launch later in 2024. While the STLA Small and STLA Large are still in development within the company.

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