Tesla Model 3 performs well in German reliability rankings

The German automobile club, ADAC, has published its latest reliability study, and the Tesla Model 3 showed well. The ADAC study looked at vehicle breakdowns and their causes in 2022. However, the study only looked at vehicles that sold at least 7,000 units within its first two years of market launch.

Tesla ranked in the top three of the chart for EVs. The Model 3 saw 1.1 breakdowns reported per 1,000 vehicles for the 2020 model year. In comparison, the 2019 model year had 0.9 breakdowns per 1,000 units.

However, the BMW i3 beat out the Model 3. For the BMW i3, the 2020 model year only had 0.2 breakdowns per 1,000 units, and the 2019 model year had 0.8 breakdowns. While the Volkswagen ID.3 also scored well, with 0.2 breakdowns per 1,000 units in 2020. (via InsideEVs)

On the internal combustion engine (ICE) side, only three vehicles scored better or even to Tesla, with the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes Benz C-Class at 0.8 breakdowns and the Audi A4 at 1 breakdown per 1,000 units.

The worst EV on the list was the Renault Zoe, with 3.3 breakdowns per 1,000 vehicles.

For all EVs, the most common issue listed was the 12-volt low-voltage battery discharging, accounting for 42.2 per cent of breakdowns.

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