Starlink launches in Peru

After a bit of a long wait, Starlink is now available in Peru.

SpaceX took to Twitter to announce the news with a tweet in Spanish.

Peru has struggled to bring internet to rural areas of the country for years. Due to the mountainous region, fibre optic cables are extremely tough and expensive to run. However, Starlink does present an attractive alternative to the almost three million people living in remote communities.

Per Telefonica del Peru:

These rural areas are hard to serve for fibre-optic cable internet providers. SpaceX’s Starlink internet will be able to connect these communities because the satellites directly beam internet service to use antennas that are easy to set up without the need to build additional ground infrastructures.

Peru now joins Chile and Brazil as Starlink nations in South America.

SpaceX did confirm that the company is looking to expand Starlink further into Central and South America in 2023 and 2024.

Per the Starlink coverage map, SpaceX wants to connect Ecuador, Panama and Colombia in early 2023.

Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay and Uruguay will hopefully come online in 2024.

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