LVCVA has no concerns on The Boring Company’s early Convention Center Loop performance stats

The Boring Company’s Convention Center Loop is now entering its fifth month of operation, and according to reporting by Tech Crunch, the Loop is underperforming. As per trip reports, the Loop’s highest passenger rate hit is 1,335 per hour, lower than the max target of 4,400 per hour.

Overall, the system provided 30,000 rides for 75,000 passengers. In addition, the average trip time was four minutes instead of two, which was the goal of the Loop.

However, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is not worried about the slowed-down ride time and lower capacity for a number of reasons.

First it is a new attraction on the strip, and both convention-goers and public members are riding it. As a result trip times are slowed down by people asking questions and taking it all in.

“The ride itself does in fact take two minutes,” Nelson-Kraft said. “What wasn’t taken into account are other factors of the Loop experience, like passengers load in and load out time. As another example, because it is a new attraction here in Vegas at the convention center, we’re getting a sightseeing aspect of the new attraction. So the time that is attached to it includes factors like that,” said LVCVA spokeswoman Lori Nelson-Kraft.

The LVCC carried out stress tests in the summer where the Loop hit all of its max passenger and time metrics (4,440 passengers per hour) with ease. Simply put, the system is adequately meeting the demand seen so far.

The performance data comes weeks after Clark Country approved the design and franchise agreement of the next phase, the Vegas Loop. The system will have 51-stations, weave through the resort corridor, and out to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The Vegas Loop will also include several stops at off-strip properties and Allegiant Stadium.

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