Starlink is officially live in Mozambique

After receiving official permission to operate in the country, Starlink is now officially live in Mozambique.

In May 2022, Starlink announced that the company had approval to start operating in Nigeria and Mozambique. However, the rollout has taken some time. Starlink had focused on providing educational institutions with internet services that before never had access.

As is tradition, Starlink took to Twitter to announce the news.

Mozambique has over 30 million people, but only nine per cent of the country is connected to the web. Starlink is still expensive for end users but can provide educational institutes, government and other individuals with an opportunity to connect to the web without the necessary cable infrastructure in place.

Starlink costs in the country are MZN 3,000 ($63 CDN)per month and MZN 40,492 ($852 CDN) per Starlink site. As well, it looks like the service is not fully operational yet with the following message:

Interestingly, many countries surrounding Mozambique and Nigeria have Starlink coming in Q3 or Q4 2023. So, it could be a busy few months of announcements for Starlink in Africa.

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