Starlink is now available in more than fifty countries

Starlink receiver dish
Credit: SpaceX

As SpaceX continues to enter new markets with Starlink services, the company celebrated a major milestone. With the launch of Starlink services in El Salvador earlier this week, Starlink is now active in over fifty countries.

SpaceX took to Twitter to announce the major milestone.

The company has expanded rapidly and firmly cemented itself as the top satellite internet provider with land, water and air services.

The current focus for SpaceX seems to be in Central and South America for expansion. However, there is demand everywhere, including throughout Africa and Southeast Asia.

Although this expansion is massive for the company, Starlink is dealing with congestion and lower speeds than it wants back in North America. SpaceX is awaiting permission to deploy more of its next-generation Starlink satellites, but government approval has been slow and only at a portion of the requested amount.

Until those launch permissions are given, SpaceX will continue operating with a hand tied behind its back with users in North America ready and waiting to jump onto the network.

Starlink provides broadband-like internet speeds in the middle of the Kalahari Desert

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