SpaceX granted Starlink license in The Bahamas

Easter Island Starlink
Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX’s Starlink has been granted a license by the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) to operate in The Bahamas. Starlink Services Bahamas Limited was licensed in mid-February 2023, according to URCA’s public register of licensees.

According to satellite services company TS2 Space, there will be a number of benefits with the launch of Starlink in The Bahamas. The most important is that it will help to bring high-speed internet access to the country, which has historically struggled to access the same level of internet service as other parts of the world.

The lack of stable internet connection has been a significant obstacle to economic development and educational opportunities, as well as a barrier to communication with the outside world. However, Starlink will be able to bridge this gap and will have a positive impact on business and education in The Bahamas by providing internet access to all areas of the country at an affordable rate.

There is however concern that the arrival of Starlink will threaten local internet providers. Sameer Bhatti, CEO of Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC), said BTC is aware of the licensing and monitoring the situation.

“BTC has been made aware that Starlink has received a license to operate in The Bahamas late last week. Our regulatory team is monitoring this and in the coming weeks we will be in a better position to provide further comment,” Bhatti said.

There is no definitive date for when Starlink will launch in the Bahamas, with the Starlink availability map showing it is scheduled to operating in 2023. When it does it will join other Caribbean nations that offer Starlink such as Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and more.

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