SpaceX to Donate 1K Starlink Terminals to Brazil After Floods, Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk said that SpaceX will donate 1,000 Starlink terminals to emergency responders in Brazil to help after recent flooding, and the use of all terminals in the region will be free until there is recovery.

The southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul was inundated by the worst flooding in 80 years. Brazil’s National Center for Natural Disasters warned that the region remains at high risk of further flooding. In order to support the local population and help emergency responders, SpaceX will donate 1,000 terminals to the country.

“Given the terrible flooding in Rio Grande do Sul, @Starlink will donate 1000 terminals to emergency responders and make usage for all terminals in the region free until the region has recovered. “I hope the best for the people of Brazil,” Musk wrote in X.

SpaceX has repeatedly provided Starlink to various countries and regions in the most difficult times: assistance after floods, hurricanes, fires, and even to protect against military attack. In addition to its aerospace developments, the company has long been known for its charitable activities.

The flooding in Brazil has already killed over 100 people and injured hundreds more. Thousands of people were left without homes. The rains in the region are expected to continue and bring further destruction. Floods have spread to 417 of the state’s 497 cities. As a result, more than 1.45 million people were affected. In such conditions, rescue efforts are difficult. Many people are still waiting to be evacuated from their damaged homes.

Since traditional means of communication do not work well in such conditions, a satellite internet connection is vital. Starlink’s 1,000 donated terminals are a critical step toward expanding Brazil’s crisis response capabilities. This act once again demonstrates Musk’s commitment to using the technologies his companies develop for good.

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