Tesla adjusts price of Model Y 7-seat configuration in the US

Tesla has once again lowered the price of the 7-seat configuration option for the Model Y in the United States, but only when upgrading your configuration with an optional paint or interior upgrade.

There have been no similar price changes in Canada.

Last month Tesla lowered the price of the 7-seat option from US$2,500 to $2,000, making it cheaper for customers to order their Model Y with third row seating. On Thursday night Tesla lowered the price even further, all the way down to US$1,000. However there is a catch.

The lower price is only available when you select one of the non-standard paint colours, or when you upgrade your interior from the standard black to the optional black and white interior. (h/t: Sawyer Merritt)

Credit: Tesla

So for example, if you stick with the standard Stealth Grey paint and black interior, the 7-seat option will still cost you an extra US$2,000. If you pick one of the cheapest paint options, Pearl White Multi-Coat and Deep Blue Metallic at US$1,000, that triggers the lower US$1,000 price for the 7-seat configuration. Either way you end up at the same total price in either scenario if no other options are selected.

However, if you pick the most expensive paint option, the newly introduced Quicksilver or Ultra Red at US$2,000, you are essentially only paying an extra US$1,000 because of the discount on the third row.

The deal is even better if you wanted the third row but didn’t want to pay the extra US$1,000 for the white interior. Now you essentially get it for “free.”

As we noted, this is yet another change to the Model Y that is not available in Canada, where the 7-seat option still costs C$4,000, making it about 3 times more expensive than in the US when taking the exchange rate into account. Other recent changes to the Model Y in the US that are not available in Canada include the new Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant, as well as Quicksilver paint.

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