General Motors has a disappointing Q2 for EV sales

General Motors had a stellar Q2 2023 with over 690,000 vehicles delivered in the United States. Although that is up by 19 per cent year over year, the EV-specific results were disappointing.

According to GM they delivered just 15,652 BEVs in the quarter. That is down from their record first quarter and dominated by Bolt and Bolt EUV sales. If you remove Bolt and Bolt EUV sales, GM only delivered 1,693 EVs.

The company currently has two EVs other than the Bolts being delivered. The Cadillac Lyriq had 1,348 deliveries, and the Hummer EV Pickup only had 47 deliveries in the quarter. At the same time, 298 other vehicles were undisclosed. GM insiders believe that those undisclosed vehicles could be BrightDrop vans.

Considering the dominance of the Bolt and Bolt EUV, it is still a shock that the company has decided to end the production of their gift horse by the end of 2023. Year to date, the Bolts have delivered 33,659 vehicles, while the next closest is the Lyriq, with only 2,316 vehicles delivered.

It is not all bad news for GM as their Ultium line should start to diversify over the next several years. The Chevrolet Silverado EV, Chevrolet Equinox EV, Chevrolet Blazer EV, Cadillac Celestiq, Cadillac Escalade IQ and the Zevo400 BirghtDrop van are all slated for release over the coming years.

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