Ford unveils limited-edition F-150 Lightning Platinum Black

Credit: Ford

In a nod to its founder, Henry Ford, who famously quipped, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it’s black,” Ford has released a limited-edition F-150 Lightning Platinum Black.

This exclusive F-150 Lightning boasts a monochromatic design, combined with the power of the high-end Platinum trim with a matte black wrap.

Along with the matte black look, you will also get the 300 mile (482km) extended range battery. Distinctive design accents further set this limited edition apart from the regular Lightning, including 22″ matte black wheels and lug nuts, black Ford Oval badging, powered running boards with Agate Black gloss accents, an Agate Black gloss roof, soft-shell black tonneau cover, a smoked front light bar, and a reflective black-on-black Lightning badge that appears to glow when lights flash over it at night.

Additional touches include Lightning graphics on the roof glass above passenger seating, black premium Nirvana leather seating surfaces, and an aluminum plate in both frunk and in driver door jamb with limited edition numbering.

Only a select few will actually own one as Ford is limiting production to just 2,000 units, with deliveries set to start in early 2024. The price isn’t cheap, with this limited edition Lightning starting at US$97,995. No word yet on how many units will be made available for Canada, or what its price would be.

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