SpaceX requests permission to operate Starlink in Tunisia

Starlink receiver dish
Credit: SpaceX

It looks like SpaceX is going through the necessary steps to operate Starlink in yet another African country.

Per Cartagemag, SpaceX has requested authorization with local officials to operate Starlink in Tunisia.

The Tunisian Ministry of Communication Technologies has been working with SpaceX to create a licence to operate in the country.

As the Tunisian telecoms are strong, the licence would grant SpaceX the ability to operate in remote and rural areas in the country.

Although this is not a good location for SpaceX in terms of profitability, it would provide them with a foot in the door for when government regulations catch up.

SpaceX did not comment on the process nor confirm if they are working with Tunisian officials.

SpaceX also did not provide the pricing which would be in place.

However, we can assume it would be similar to other African countries and cost $599 USD for the dish, router and start-up fee.

With monthly services costing $110 USD, the same as Starlink services anywhere else in the world.

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