SpaceX gets FCC approval for two new Starlink dishes

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved SpaceX’s application to introduce two new Starlink dishes, one of which is smaller and more portable than its predecessors.

The first of these new dishes approved by the FCC measures 11.4 inches by 9.8 inches, approximately the size of an Apple MacBook. With its smaller form factor, it opens the door to an array of possibilities for improved connectivity as the compact size not only simplifies installation but also offers users greater flexibility in choosing where to place it compared to the current dish, which measures 20.2 inches by 11.9 inches.

The second dish is a little larger than the current generation, measuring 22.4 inches by 14.7 inches. The larger size isn’t just for look as it is a high-performance option that outperforms SpaceX’s previous fixed models, reports PC Mag.

Both of these new models are designed to communicate seamlessly with both first- and second-generation Starlink satellites, promising a more reliable and efficient connection for subscribers. Specifics regarding a launch date, official pricing, or potential speed enhancements were not published in the application.

Unfortunately the FCC’s approval only covers the “fixed” or stationary use of these new Starlink dishes. SpaceX had sought approval to also deploy these dishes on vehicles, including cars, planes, and boats. However, the FCC is yet to issue a ruling on this matter due to interference concerns raised by Dish Network.

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