SpaceX kicks off Starlink referral program in Panama

Easter Island Starlink
Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX is rapidly rolling out its Starlink internet service worldwide, with the satellite internet service now available in 60 countries. However, to speed up adoption, the company is throwing in incentives like a referral program that rewards existing customers for bringing in another customer.

The latest country where SpaceX has introduced the program is Panama, where it recently started welcoming clients.

According to @starlinkinsider on , it appears SpaceX is sending out emails inviting customers to the program. The email includes the reward and what is expected of the existing and referred client. Upon joining the Starlink Referral Club in Panama, Starlink users can earn one month of free service for each referred new user.

However, Starlink users have only a month to sign people up.

Users wishing to participate in the reward program will use a unique referral link inside the email. The new customers must place an order using the unique link. SpaceX encourages its clients to share the link on social media to increase their chances of signing up friends and family.

Starlink recently received launch approval in Costa Rica (availability in this quarter) and Guatemala, where it will launch at about half the hardware cost.

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