Florida vandals spray paint obscenities at Musk on dozens of Cybertrucks

It seems a huge and dedicated hater of Elon Musk and his wares is on the rampage in Florida, in the US, according to an Instagram video posted by user @onlyindade. The vandal, or group of vandals, expressed their feelings about the world’s richest man by spray painting obscenities about him on dozens of Cybertrucks.

According to the description accompanying the video, the event occurred in a parking lot located at “Sunrise Blvd and US1 in Ft Lauderdale.” The voice narration explains how lots of Cybertrucks ended up in the parking lot. They said Tesla rented the parking lot to park the electric truck, apparently in preparation for deliveries.

The voice added that the parking lot had laid unused for years. However, the vandal(s) wasted no time before swinging into action, as the trucks had only been there for three days.

It appears the Musk haters only targeted the Cybertrucks, as there are at least three other Teslas in the lot that were unscathed.

According to comments left on the post, the parking lot is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Other comments criticized Tesla’s decision to lease a lot for their inventory in the location.

The Cybertruck’s design can be polarizing, but not many people will descend to defacing dozens of them.

The steel-exterior trucks have seen better treatment elsewhere, though, as it has been kitted out as a police patrol vehicle in Dubai. The unusual appearance is hardly holding back sales as it doubled the Rivian R1T sales in March despite arriving on the market years after the Illinois-made truck.

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