SpaceX Receives Preliminary Approval to Launch Starlink Services in Sri Lanka

SpaceX has received preliminary approval to launch Starlink satellite internet services in Sri Lanka. This positive news was shared by the Office of the President, who welcomed the arrival of the service in the country.

The preliminary approval follows Elon Musk’s recent meeting with Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe on the sidelines of the 10th World Water Forum High-Level Meeting, held in Indonesia at the end of May. They discussed the implementation of Starlink in the country and the President emphasized that Sri Lanka intends to speed up the application process to connect the country to the global Starlink network.

Nowadays, a reliable and fast internet connection has become essential for many aspects of our lives. Some of the most important uses are for education, communication, and business. However, in some regions, including Sri Lanka, users often experience slow internet speeds.

One of the most important factors affecting internet speed in Sri Lanka is the use of lower frequency bands and restrictions in frequency allocation. In addition, internet coverage, especially in rural areas, is poor. To expand it, the government needs to invest a lot of money. This typically requires laying cables, which is sometimes very difficult due to the terrain.

The internet from Starlink, therefore, solves many problems at once. In order to access internet, users only need an antenna, a terminal, and a proper power source. The cost of purchasing such kits for critical infrastructure and educational institutions would be significantly less than the cost of laying cables. That is why Starlink is already loved by many users, including companies and countries around the world.

Starlink internet has already proven its reliability for use in the most extreme conditions, including use in a war zone. This internet is also available in many remote regions, including Antarctica.

At the end of May, during a visit to Bali, Musk along with senior officials launched Starlink services in Indonesia, setting a good example for neighboring countries.

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