Rivian Waypoint network grows with new charging stations in San Francisco

rivian charger crissy field
Credit: Plugshare

As more Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks hit the streets, the automaker is slowly starting to add more of their branded Level 2 public charging stations.

We have so far seen Rivian Waypoint chargers in Moab, Utah and Yellowstone National Park.

Now two new stations have popped up in San Francisco, both of which are currently free to plug in.

The first is located at East Crissy Field (1199 E Beach) with scenic views of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. The station features just one Waypoint charger with two J1772 plugs.

It is so new there have been no check-ins on Plugshare, although someone has uploaded a photo showing a rare electric Toyota Rav4 plugged in.

The other Rivian Waypoint charger is just across the Golden Gate Bridge at the Muir Woods National Monument.

This site also features one charger with two J1772 plugs, and is also new enough that there are no check-ins on Plugshare.

While these are just a handful of Level 2 chargers, Rivian has much bigger plans for their DC fast charging network.

Known as the Rivian Adventure Network, the company plans to install over 3,500 DC fast chargers at more than 600 locations in Canada and the US by the end of 2023.

We have yet to see any of these chargers be built on public property, but Rivian has installed at least one at their facility in Normal, Illinois.

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