Tesla Cybertruck gets size comparison with Rivian R1T and…DeLorean DMC-12

Tesla still hasn’t released any official details about the Cybertruck in terms of its dimensions (or anything else for that matter), except a hint in the Q2 2023 earnings report that it will be less than 19 feet long while at the same time having a bed that’s longer than six feet.

While we wait for the official dimensions, fans are left with having to compare the size of the Cybertruck to other cars and trucks. Over the weekend this happened three times, twice with the aforementioned R1T.

The first occurred when X user @omg_tesla shared photos of a R1T parked next to a Release Candidate (RC) Cybertruck in Kettleman City. As you can see from the photos the Cybertruck and R1T are fairly similar in size, with the Rivian truck looking to be slightly taller than the Cybertruck. However the R1T owner noted that he “thought the Tesla truck would be bigger, but it’s like the same size.”

Coincidentally, another R1T found its way next to a Cybertruck on the weekend. Facebook user Ken M shared these photos of his R1T, showing again the two trucks are fairly similar in height and overall length. According to Rivian, the bumper-to-bumper length of the R1T is 217.1 inches, or slightly more than 18 feet long.

The Cybertruck also got a third size comparison over the weekend, although this one was more interesting than anything else as it was with a DeLorean DMC-12. This sighting was shared by none other than Ride The Lightning podcast host and DeLorean enthusiast Ryan McCaffrey, who’s friend Christian was lucky enough to get his 1982 DeLorean next to a Cybertruck in San Francisco.

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