Rivian shows off impressive R1T towing capacity in new video

We have seen a few automakers release videos this week showing off their upcoming electric pickup trucks.

First was General Motors teasing the new “Crab Mode” feature on its Hummer EV. Then Ford released a video of their electric F-150 prototype in some off-road conditions and towing up a steep hill.

Now Rivian has joined the party with a new video showcasing the R1T’s towing capacity in high heat conditions.

A team of Rivian engineers took a prototype R1T electric pickup truck to the American Southwest to see how well it can handle towing a heavy trailer in high heat.

The specs for the R1T are impressive, with a designed towing capacity of 11,000 lbs. In their tests, the truck pulled a 30-foot trailer of that weight on the Davis Dam Grade in temperatures reaching as high as 118°F (47.7°C).

The Davis Dam test is an industry benchmark for determining a vehicle’s tow rating. It involves travelling from the banks of the Colorado River to the top a 3,500 foot peak in the Black Mountains.

Established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) as the standard for determining a vehicle’s tow rating, the route begins at an elevation of 550 feet near the banks of the Colorado River in Bullhead City (about 90 miles south of Las Vegas and 70 miles downstream from the Hoover Dam), then climbs up through the Black Mountains to more than 3,500 feet in just 11.4 miles before gently tapering off near Golden Valley, Arizona.

According to , the Lead Validation Engineer/Thermal Systems Validation the R1T didn’t disappoint and “performed to the target, and beyond.”

Rivian announced earlier this year the R1T pickup truck will start at $69,000 USD (~$92,000 CAD), and come with two different battery options that can provide 230 miles (370km) up to 400 miles (643km) on a full charge.

Production of the electric truck was supposed to begin this year, but was recently delayed until early 2021.

You can read more about the test on Rivians’s website, and you can check out the full video below.

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