Tesla Model S and Model X get new heat pump, making entire lineup more efficient

Tesla announced a lot of changes to the Model S and Model X this week. The update to the flagship vehicles that got the most attention was the new interior and futuristic steering wheel.

But lurking in the shadows was another important update – the addition of the heat pump and Octovalve to both the Model S and X.

It might seem like it has been around for a while, but the engineering marvel that is the heat pump was first introduced less than a year ago in the Model Y. It was then added to the Model 3 when it got its refresh late last year. Now all Tesla vehicles have it.

These additions are particularly important for owners in cold climates. The new heating and cooling system is much more efficient at colder temperatures, meaning your car can go further on a single charge. The range of the Model 3 saw a drastic increase when it got the heat pump, with the Long Range variant going from 523km to 568km.

Aside from the brief mention on the website, Tesla has yet to reveal more details about the heat pump system in the Model S and Model X. With the first deliveries of the refresh Model S expected to begin next month, we will surely be seeing a teardown soon.

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