Rivian plans the largest expansion so far at their Normal manufacturing facility

Rivian has filed plans with the Town of Normal requesting approval for an amended site for a 623,000 square foot addition top their manufacturing facility in Illinois.

The new addition would be built along the western side of the existing plant.

It is not clear what Rivian plans to do with the additional space. However, the expansion would take the total size of the facility to around 3.9 million square feet.

Image via Town of Normal

Last spring, Normal approved Rivian’s plans to add two small building additions. At the time of the request, Rivian were going to use the buildings for light manufacturing, logistics and warehousing.

In addition, in July 2020, Rivian received permission to add several additions totaling 576,000 square feet.

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The Normal Planning Commission scheduled a public hearing on the proposal for next Thursday. If the Commission approves, Town Council would need to give their final approval to the amended site plan.

There is no set timeline for approval.

Rivian nor the Town of Normal commented on the request, nor did Rivian confirm what they would do with the new space.

Source: Week.com

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