Tesla upgrading existing reservation holders to Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red at no cost

Tesla launched two new colours exclusive to Giga Berlin on Friday morning, adding Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red paint options to the Long Range and Performance Model Y for customers in Europe and the Middle East.

The new colours replaced the existing Midnight Silver and Red Multi-Coat paint options that were previously available (and still available for the entry-level Model Y RWD), but they are more expensive than their predecessors.

However in an email to customers on Friday the automaker is offering an upgrade to Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red to existing reservation holders at no additional cost. The offer is only being made to those customers who had previously placed an order for Midnight Silver or Red Multi-Coat.

Customers don’t have to do anything as the email explains their order has already been updated.

According to the Design Studio, we should start seeing the first Model Y cars in these new colours start deliveries as soon as November.

Unfortunately we are unlikely to see these new colours make their way to North America. In a tweet following the announcement, CEO Elon Musk said that “only Giga Berlin can make these colours, as paint shop was specially built to apply many fine laters of paint, giving it complexity not otherwise possible.”

This is despite a previous statement from Musk that said their other Paint Shops at Fremont and Giga Shanghai will be upgraded over time. He added however that it would be difficult, so it appears as they developed the Giga Berlin Paint Shop it became evident that it would be too difficult to accomplish.

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