Tesla Model Y tops 2024 American-Made Index for third consecutive year

Tesla has once again dominated the list of most American made cars, with the Model Y securing the top spot on Cars.com’s 2024 American-Made Index for the third consecutive year.

With Tesla’s strong manufacturing base in the US, the automaker has managed to place three of its models in the top 10 of the American-Made Index. The Model Y continues to hold the number 1 position, while the Model S and Model X have secured the fourth and ninth spots, respectively.

The Model 3 dropped to 21st place due to changes in domestic parts content and workforce calculations, but despite this Tesla remains the only US-based automaker with a strong presence in the top 10.

Interestingly, 66% of the vehicles on the 2024 American-Made Index come from foreign automakers. While these companies are headquartered outside of the US, they have established strong manufacturing bases in states like Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. For example, Honda’s Passport, Odyssey, and Ridgeline, all built in Alabama, ranked highly on the list.

Volkswagen’s ID.4, assembled in Tennessee, also made it to the top three.

General Motors (GM) and Ford, both headquartered in Michigan had a number of vehicles on the list, but their names don’t appear anywhere near the top. GM has 18 vehicles on the list, with the highest-ranking Chevrolet Colorado at 23. Ford, with 12 vehicles, sees its Lincoln Corsair and Mustang at 29th and 31st places, respectively.

Here are the top 10 rankings for 2024. You can see the full list over at Cars.com.

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