Release notes for 2022.20- Green Traffic Light Chime coming to all Tesla’s

The latest Tesla software update has hit Tesla vehicles, and as per the release notes, there are a few updates.

Green Traffic Light Chime

First and foremost, Green Traffic Light Chime is coming to all Tesla vehicles.

The feature plays a chime when the light in front of them turns green, or if you are behind someone, once the vehicle advances.

Previously, the feature was only available for vehicles that were operating full self-driving.

This might be the first time that Tesla has moved a FSD feature to the entire Tesla fleet.

Tesla Adaptive Suspension

Secondly, Tesla Adaptive Suspension got some improvements.

The improvements will now allow the vehicle to adjust the ride height for upcoming sections of the road that are rough. The adjustment will be automatic and will continue to be updated as data is logged by Tesla vehicles.

You need to enable this feature by tapping:

Controls -> Suspension -> Adaptive Suspension Damping and select Comfort or Auto setting.

Tire Configuration

Third, Tire Configuration got a miscellaneous improvement.

The new setting allows users to reset the learned tire settings after a tire rotation, replacement or swap.

Users will need to reset the setting manually by tapping:

Controls -> Service -> Wheel & Tire Configuration -> Tires

Seat Belt System Enhancement

Finally, Seat Belt System Enhancement got a safety improvement.

The improvements allow the system to use Tesla Vision to offer pretension in a frontal crash. With the update, your seat belts will tighten and protect properly restrained occupants earlier.

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