Radio Flyer recalls and kills Tesla Cyberquad for Kids due to federal safety standard violations

The Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is no more. If you purchased the ATV for your kids you are going to have to break the news to them that it has to be taken apart as the company has issued a recall for the ATV.

According to Radio Flyer, the Cyberquad doesn’t meet “federal mandatory safety standard requirements for youth ATVs.” Some of those requirements include having a mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure.

Along without having these, Radio Flyer says the Cyberquad also “lacks a CPSC-approved ATV action plan.”

“ATV action plans contain numerous safety requirements, such as rider training, dissemination of safety information, age recommendations, and other safety measures.  These ATV safety standards are in place to reduce crash and injury hazards, preventing serious injury or death,” the Consumer Protection Safety Commission recall notice reads.

Since these are missing, Radio Flyer has been forced to recall the more than 5,000 Cyberquad for Kids that have been sold.

According to the CPSC, there has been one reported incident which appears to have triggered the recall. In that case a 36-year old female was riding the Cyberquad for Kids, which was being driven by an 8-year old, despite it being designed for a single child rider. As a result the Cyberquad tipped over and the 36-year old female suffered bruising to her left shoulder.

The Consumer Protection Safety Commission recall notice says owners must immediately stop using the Cyberquad and contact Radio Flyer for a full refund. A full refund can only be received after “removing the product’s motor controller and sending the controller back to Radio Flyer via a prepaid envelope.”

This will disable the Cyberquad and render it unusable.

You can begin the recall and refund process on Radio Flyer’s website.

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