VinFast Charged-Up offers North American buyers EV charging incentives and ADAS package

North American buyers of the VinFast VF8 or VF9 electric SUVs will be able to select from two programs that will provide them with free charging for their new electric vehicles (EVs), as well as equip them with driver-assist features.

Called the ‘Charged-Up’ program, the offers are available to both Canadian and US buyers.

In Canada, if you purchase a 2022 and 2023 VinFast EV you can select three years of free charging with ChargeHub, an EV charging network with over 6,000 Level 2 and 800 DC fast chargers across the country.

If public EV charging isn’t your thing, you can instead opt to purchase a VinFast level 2 home charger for $849 along with a $1,000 credit towards the installation of the charger, including applicable permit costs.

The Charged-Up program similar in the US, except the home charger is free and the network partner is Electrify America.

  • VinFast Level 2 charger (free) and a $1,200 credit for the installation, or
  • 3 years unlimited access to Electrify America

The company had previously announced owners will receive two free charging sessions with Electrify America.

Along with the charging incentives, buyers in both Canada and the US who reserve under the ‘Charged Up’ program gets a one-year subscription to the VinFast Smart Driving Package.

The package includes automated lane changing assist, smart parking assist, remote parking assist, smart summon mode, voice assistants (including Cerence and Alexa), geo-fencing, time-fencing, live traffic, satellite view, in-car shopping, mobile home and office enabling virtual assistant, streaming apps, games, web browsers, smart home control, and more.

The Vietnamese automaker plans to launch their first two EVs in North America later this year. The company has chosen to sell their vehicles without batteries, meaning owners will have to pay a monthly battery subscription fee for the life of the EV.

VinFast is coming to Canada in 2022 with two new EV SUVs

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