Porsche Taycan faces major recall over brake hose defects

The Porsche Taycan is facing a significant recall with nearly every model produced since its launch in 2020 impacted. The recall concerns potential front brake hose defects, and affects over 150,000 vehicles globally, including 3,205 in Canada and 31,689 in the United States.

According to the recall documents posted to the Transport Canada and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) websites, Porsche Taycan models manufactured between 2020 and 2025 have the potential for front brake hoses to develop cracks over time, leading to brake fluid leakage and a subsequent loss of front braking pressure.

Although Porsche estimates the issue affects only about 5% of the recalled vehicles in the US, the recall encompasses nearly all Taycan models sold within this period as a precautionary measure.

Porsche first became aware of the problem in June 2023, following several reports from US customers. The company initiated testing to identify the root cause and confirmed that certain steering movements and driving conditions could strain the front brake hoses, causing them to crack at points of minimum bending radius.

There have been no reported accidents in the US linked to this defect, however there has been a single incident outside the US involving a Taycan traveling at an excessive speed, 120 km/h (75mph) in a 30 km/h (19mph) zone. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

To fix the issue, Porsche has redesigned the front brake hoses to feature an increased bending radius, making them more flexible and less prone to cracking. This redesign aims to significantly reduce the load on the hoses and prevent future occurrences of the problem. Porsche dealers will replace the faulty brake hoses with the improved versions at no cost to owners.

The repair process is expected to take approximately two hours and will not affect the vehicle’s warranty.

Owners can contact Porsche’s customer service or visit the NHTSA’s website to check if their vehicle is affected and to schedule a repair appointment. Porsche says owners should heed warning messages on their vehicle’s dashboard, such as “brake fluid low” or “PSM failure,” and to seek immediate service if these alerts appear.

You can read the Transport Canada recall here, or the full NHTSA recall below.

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