Porsche Taycan deliveries begin in Australia

Porsche Taycan 4S

More than a year after it was first released in North America, Porsche is finally starting deliveries of the electric Taycan in Australia.

The first deliveries began this past weekend across the 14 Porsche locations in Australia. Reports indicate close to 100 of the electric vehicles (EVs) were brought down under to satisfy initial demand since reservations opened in June 2020.

Special events were planned for the deliveries but were scaled back after the country instituted new COVID lockdown rules unexpectedly last week.

The Taycan isn’t cheap in Australia. According to The Driven, after taxes and fees the prices range from $209,000 AUD ($206,000 CAD) for the Taycan 4S, all the way up to $364,000 AUD  ($359,000 CAD) for the Turbo S.

The high prices won’t help with the country’s extremely low rate of EV adoption, which is currently sitting at less than 1%.

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