Porsche has received 30,000 deposits on its new Taycan, but delivered only 130

When Porsche unveiled the Taycan last year, their latest electric vehicle, optimism was high that it could be the next ‘Tesla-killer’. Then the EPA gave the Taycan Turbo a rating of just 201 miles (323km) on a full charge, well below the initial estimates of closer to 450km (the Turbo S fared even worse, with an EPA rating of just 192 miles (308km)).

Despite the poor ratings, Porsche reportedly took in close to 30,000 reservations for the sporty EV, with many of them reportedly defecting from Tesla.

Porsche North America chief Klaus Zellmer has provided more information about the Taycan buyers, saying around half of them have never owned a Porsche before. That is, according to Zelllmer, a sign that Porsche has the right strategy when it comes to EV’s.

He also elaborated that Porsche only delivered 130 of their new EV’s in 2019. That could be due in part to an 8-10 week delay suffered early on due to production issues. Unless the pace of production and deliveries picks up considerably, those waiting in line for the Taycan could be waiting a long time. And if it’s long enough, they could take their $200,000 and buy a Tesla Roadster with a 1,000km range and 0-60mph time under 2 seconds instead.

h/t [Bloomberg]

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