Philadelphia woman gives birth in a Tesla

As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, a Philadelphia mother gave birth in a Tesla while the car was on Autopilot in traffic.

The family was on their way to dropping their three-year-old son at daycare when the mothers water broke. With contractions increasing and traffic barely moving, the couple realized that there were not getting to the hospital in time.

The husband placed the vehicle on Autopilot and set its destination to the hospital. He laid one hand gently on the steering wheel as he attended to his wife.

The couple debated whether they should try and hold labour off, but nature took over. The mom gave birth to her daughter as the vehicle arrived at the hospital.

Emergency room staff took over from there. A nurse on staff cut the baby’s umbilical cord in the car’s front seat.

The mother, Keating Sherry, wanted to thank Tesla and the engineers. “Thank you, genius Tesla engineers, for your brilliant design of Autopilot”.

Both mother and daughter are doing well.

Tesla, for its part, will take the positive news story. The company is having a tough December with multiple lawsuits and a significant fatal crash in Paris. Tesla did not provide a comment on the ‘Tesla Baby’ situation.

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