Tesla adds “Help Me Choose” section to website to help buyers choose best car

If you have been looking to order a new Tesla car, the company is providing you with assistance. Tesla’s website has added a brand-new section named “Help Me Choose” to assist you in picking the best Tesla model for you.

According to Tesla’s official website, the new “Help Me Choose” section will use the information provided by you in determining the Tesla model that best suits your lifestyle and requirements. The online tool will collect details about your driving habits, lifestyle, and budget.

The first stage will make you choose between a sedan and an SUV. However, undecided buyers can select a third option of “I’m Flexible.” Any of the first two choices will display the Tesla cars in the category, including their seating and cargo capacities.

The next step polls users on how far they usually drive daily. The options are “0-40 Miles,” “40-100 Miles,” and “100+ Miles” for the real road warriors. You will then get to specify how you plan to use your new Tesla; for road trips, errands, performance driving, winter driving, towing, ridesharing, etc.

It is interesting that Tesla has added a ridesharing option, as it has reportedly been working on a platform allowing Tesla owners to put up their cars for the same purpose. This will allow them to earn money from their four-wheeled assets when not using them personally. Third-party companies already use Teslas for ridesharing programs.

The last stage asks what buyers expect most from their new Tesla. Options include range, speed, luxury, utility, and affordability.

The result includes the suggested model, with the price and driving range. Buyers can then design their model or sign up for a demo drive.

Unfortunately the tool is not available on the Canadian version of the site, but Canadians can still access it by going to tesla.com/choose, and if that doesn’t work you can changing your selected country to the US.

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